Travel Smart!

How you travel smart…….

There are lots of ways to travel smart and save money at the same time whilst making the journey easier at the same time, here are a few tips to get you started.

A good example is rail; never buy your ticket on the day at the station, you miss out on all the advance fares that are often much cheaper, anytime tickets carry a heavy premium, and buying single tickets instead of a return is often cheaper, so if you need flexibility for the return leg, you can do just that.  Split ticketing can be a real money saver for long journeys. And travel off-peak where possible, of course.

When it comes to air travel, book flights more than two weeks in advance wherever possible, as prices are much lower. Also, if you are doing one or two day trips, flights on a Tuesday and Wednesday when flying domestics routes are often the cheapest.

One last example: if you’re bringing a group together for a meeting and an overnight stay, book outside peak times such as Tuesday and Wednesday, look at Thursday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime, you will save considerable amounts, while employees enjoy not having to battle travelling on peak demand periods.

There are many other travel smarter tips that we will share…if you would like to share any, please comment below:

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