4 ways to improve compliance without alienating your travellers

The world is certainly getting smaller, it’s also getting more complex and choices are increasing at a rapid rate. So how do you ensure compliance to your travel program without alienating your travellers?

  1. Policy

A clear and up to date travel and expenses policy is a must. If you have one, when was it last updated? Is it fit for purpose for your organisation? If you don’t have one you need one!

To mandate or not mandate that is the question…well it’s not really, a well written policy that is clear on what, where and who, that engages your travellers means mandating is just a word not a threat.

Why is it so important to have a policy? Numerous reasons: without a policy, cost cannot be controlled through fully leveraging your volumes via key suppliers; duty of care cannot be managed properly (it’s not a tick box exercise it’s real), if travellers don’t know who to contact if they have a problem, loss of communication between employer and employee leads to loss of control which can lead to multiple issues.

  1. Get creative and engage your travellers

Before imposing a policy or a raft of changes to an existing policy, talk to your travellers, seek their input, get suggestions for change that improve their experience and support managing or reducing costs. Reward your travellers who buy and travel smart, encourage good practice and behaviours and report back internally to highlight – there is nothing like healthy competition to help reign in non-compliance.

  1. Be clear and upfront

‘Treat people like adults they tend to act like adults’. Be clear why the policy is in place, the benefits to your organisation and the benefits to your travellers. Provide webinars, Q&A documents that help travellers understand, give them ways to provide feedback and know they are being heard. Never underestimate the power of communication.

  1. Use technology

How do your travellers book travel? Are you using the right platforms? If you use a Travel Management Company (TMC), what technology do they use? What support do your travellers have via apps that advise on delays, auto rebooking for missed or delayed flights etc. Having the right technology in place is a key driver for compliance.

If you need help improving with your compliance or how to put the right policy in place, please get in touch, it’s not as complicated as you may think….

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